Naidat Focus Area Primary Health Care (PHC)-OUR FOCUS AREA

Primary Health Care (PHC)-OUR FOCUS AREA

Nigeria who was in the past boasted of having one of the best four hospitals in the commonwealth nations  has now become one of the most dangerous place to give birth and ranking the fourth worst maternal mortality rate in the world. Nigeria maternal mortality rate is at 800 per 100,000. One Nigerian woman dies every ten minutes from complications of pregnancy and child birth and the higher number of women and children die in Nigeria during and after birth. Five Hundred newborns die daily in Nigeria. About One Million out of 5.9 million babies born in Nigeria every year die before the age of 5, and over 20 million Nigerian children are malnourished. (One in three Nigeria children is chronically malnourished). There are many communities where mothers give birth the age-long traditional way, majority are still giving birth in the home, quack, spiritual or prayer houses.    As a result of this, many Nigerian women either died in the process of carrying pregnancy or maimed for life in the course of delivery. The increasing maternal and child deaths in Nigeria was also from poor primary health care and emergency obstetrical services associated with child birth and they are quite preventable. It is regrettable for mothers and children to die avoidable deaths. Children are our future and any nation which toys with the destiny of its children does not have future.              

However, addressing the infrastructural challenges of primary health care services without reversing the brain drain of medical workers into brain gain is not only a wasted effort but also a waste of resources. Research has shown that more than half of 72,000 doctors registered with medical and dental council of Nigeria practiced outside the country. It is estimated that about 2,000 medical doctors leave the country yearly for greener pastures. Nigeria presently has a ratio of one doctor to 6,000 patients contrary to the recommendations of the World Health Organisation (W.H.O) of a ratio of one doctor to 600 patients.

We are sincerely committed not only to improve access to basic Health Services in the rural community but to drastically reduce higher maternal and child mortality rate. Improving the health and welfare of women and children as well as reducing doctor to patient ratio. Also to improve immunization and environmental sanitation.

Mathias Ezenwaka,
Chief Executive, NAIDAT

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